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Global Sourcing

Due to our long-standing operations in the distribution of hard-to-find components (Allocation & Obsolescence) we have built up a worldwide network of suppliers. Our customers profit from our exceptional market position in the form of minimised costs and risks in case of acute need as well as in the case of everyday business.


Availability and speed

The access to a worldwide inventory offers our customers the chance to receive products that are not available locally or that would take an extended delivery time, in a timely manner.


Multiple price advantages through internationality, volume quotations, etc.

The global acquisition and purchase offers many advantages due to the different pricing policies, volume discounts (some markets tend to sell more units) as well as some economically favourable currency exchange rates.


No prepayment risk

Foreign suppliers often require pre-payments and are hardly held liable. We spare our customers from assuming this risk, while we offer you normal payment conditions and remain liable under German law.


Tested QA procedures

Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of our suppliers, as we only work with reliable overseas companies. In addition, multiple QA procedures guarantee the quality of the components we supply.


More details about our QS >


Manufacturer's liability insurance

As an importer, we legally take on the role of the manufacturer if the manufacturer cannot be held liable. In such cases we are covered by liability insurance. However, we haven't had any such cases yet!

Five reasons for TronicPool




Cost Efficiency



Fast and reliable delivery



High advisory skills



Broad portfolio